Monday, June 29, 2009

Birthday Butter Marble Cupcakes

Did some marble cupcakes with butter cream and finally used the cute bear+flower Wilton silicon cups bought sometime ago. Have never use silicon to bake before and was afraid it might melt in the oven..LOL! but all came out well and intact!! *phew* There are many Wilton silicon baking cups design available but I love the bear cups the most so adorable...

Close up of the alphabet and musical picks which I use for mother's day bento in my previous post. Those picks are real handy when comes to wordings without using more fattening pure butter cream and not to mention more food colouring too.

Lovely animal picks, one of my all time favourite on the yellow flower cup.

Ribbon picks are so cute. The icing was not nicely spread out cos only used sparingly as it is loaded with tons of calories!!...pure butter+icing sugar la just imagine.

Cute family duck picks just right for small surface deco on cupcakes. Only use one pink colouring in the above, still quite sceptical eventhough is written edible but it does make the cupcakes very beautiful in bright pink though.
Happy Birthday to my sister...hope she doesn't find the cupcakes too fanciful and childish..LOL!!