Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cheese Tartlets + Scarf

Baked some yummylicious Cheese Tartlets over the weekend.
Very cheesy and fattening indeed!

Started on this crochet project after an inspiration from Emily.


Emily said...

Wow! What a lovely color! What size hook are you using?

Arlene said...

Thanks Emily. I used Clover No 3: 2.3mm hook for 50g yarn approx 130 yards per ball.

Emily said...

how many balls are you likely to be using for the piece. I do believe your motifs will be smaller than mine.

I need to make another to send to the US, you have any nice imported yarn to sell?

Emily said...


The yarn arrived yesterday! Will showcase them soon!


Emily said...


get on with the next crochet project!!