Friday, November 28, 2008

Hello Kitty, Melody and Tenorikuma bento no 9

Here's the end result in a Pooh box . Rice for the faces, edamane to slot in the spaces, chuka iidako in Pooh's ear, cherry tomatoes for some color, crab stick to shaped ears, flower ,ribbon, nori for the expression and not forgetting the tiny winy corn as Hello Kitty nose.

The famous evergreen Hello Kitty bento gadget used for making the above. However those plastic nori punchers are quite hard to press on and gets stuck, so you need to push it out from opposite direction!. I find the metal ones are easier to punch. However the heart shape cutter to cut Hello Kitty ribbon and Melody flower plus Tenori ears was a breeze to use cos' its sharp. Wonder it will be so if I have used carrot instead but guess what? there was no carrot in my fridge! resulting in Melody's flower in crabstick too. So pathetic!


shoppingmum said...

You found the name of the bear! LOL!
Really nice leh, you can try with carrot, but have to steam it first to make it softer. to punch from the other side ah?

Arlene said...

Shoppingmum, I punch in the thingy stuck so turnover push out lah it doesn't spring back to original position!..manual operation needed!@# sigh!

3lilangels said...

I have the same problem with the puncher. And sometimes when pushing it back the seaweed will tear. So irritating.

Arlene said...

3lilangels, usually I punch a few so can select the non "putus misai"