Sunday, May 24, 2009

New bento tools arrived!

The new 45% rice mould, Rilakkuma cutters, Animal cookies cutters, Brigitte cookie text stamp from Germany, Sandwich bread cutter and Ribbon/Crown/Hat picks.

Ordered some lastest new tools import from Japan online from Bentomarket recently. With the Brigitte cookie text stamp you can bake cookies stamp with your own text, be it your name, message or anything is kind of cool because the fonts are real tiny just right for small cookies. As for the 45% angle rice mould you can make moulded rice tilted facing upwards for a better view of your creations! For inspirations do check out this cute Japanese Bento Blog.

Have fun bento-ing everyone!


(( K@Y )) said...

The cookie cutter is cute!
Too bad it's not easy for me to find unique bento accessories.

Anonymous said...

Dear Arlene!
Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
I have a lot of bentoes to eat every week made by the Missus!
But I'm an adult!LOL
Now, how many kids do you have to feed?

Jessie said...

Fuyoh! You got so many collection. Really envy!

Arlene said...

((K@Y)), Where are you from? Maybe you can try out some 2 dollar or 100yen shops at your place or bentomarket. CP sends overseas as well but postage will cost a bit though.
Shizuokagourmet, Hi there! thanks for visiting my site.
Jessie, go grab some too..LOL!

3lilangels said...

More tools to play with!!! How fun!!!

Thanks for explaining abt the 45% rice mould. Was wondering what that was.

Arlene said...

3lilangels, yup more plastic and yet to try them out...getting dusty already..LOL!

javapot said...

super cool gadgets you got recently. tks for the porn! :)

Arlene said...

Javapot, go grab some la! LOL!!