Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thermos Lunch Box

Didn't prepare any bento today so was digging out some old photos and decided to post this purchase of a Thermos lunch box sometime back at Jusco at a special promotion price. I believe this product was in the market for a while cos' stocks are very limited as I couldn't find this in Parkson. The size is just right for an adult no frills kind of cute bento. Lol!

What's in the plastic packaging? An insulated aluminium bag, 1 steel container, 2 small plastic containers, a pair of chopstick and a elastic belt to hold the outer steel container together.

All ready to go, pack in the insulated aluminium bag.

Amount in ml for the 3 different boxes which if you pack compactly equals amount of calories taken but off course in the required food proportions.....


shoppingmum said...

I think it fits a man's appetite, I saw this set too. But there was one kiddie one, in Jusco, did you see it? It's something like this set.

Arlene said...

Ya I saw a plastic make but that's the only display left...all out of stock. It seems there are 2 colors to that design.