Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Weiner bento 22

Weiners overloaded! with some tomatoes

Octopus and smiling face chicken weiners.

Smiling flower cheese weiners


javapot said...

Cool, I am sure my son would love this bento!! What did your DH say?

shoppingmum said...

The octopus is so cute!!!

Annie Q said...

Wah wah wah!!! I love the smiling face chicken!!! SO CUTE!!! Ur creation getting better day by day!!

Jessie said...

Wah, you are so talented. Love the weiner even tho they are overloaded!

Sue Sue said...

Wow this weiner bento is so cute. How you cut it ah?

Arlene said...

Javapot, eat only didn't say anything cos I stuff it inside a bread!

Shoppingmum, very easy to cut the octopus, why don't you try.

Annie Q,Jessie... thanks.

Sue Sue, just cut the weiner in a slanting position then slice a few cuts at the slanted part to form the octopus legs and boil the weiners to make the legs curly. As for the rest there is a plastic wheel cutter to form the heart, star and flower shapes. You can see the green plastic cutter from my bunny ham bento 20.