Monday, April 13, 2009

About me! in a bento box no 33

Me, Hub, Furkid, My Garden, Favorite food and Piano Keys.

Finally I found the time to enter Javapot's contest and this will be my entry. It's a caricature cartoon about me with big "goldfish" eyes, hub and furkid...I mean my fluffy dog la! LOL! This was actually for dinner as morning hours are too short to be creative as I need to rush to work. Anyway it took me more than an hour to cook the food and add in the details.

Me in the office busy on the phone and cooking at home.

I was created with steam orange, purple sweet potato for my hair and dress. Body parts made of potato with cheese and nori details. Do you see I have two hairstyles? It is because when I am working in the office I don't tie my hair and quite offen on the phone too. Must also look nice in my "yellow" high heels ..peer pressure ..ha ha.
Back at home is a totally different story got to tie up my hair to cook presto speed in my "carrot wok" and "nori spatula" and be a "si lai" aka wife.
Looks like I have split personality here! LOL!
Carrot, cheese and nori cut outs for hub plus furkid both waiting patiently with growling stomach but obviously hub has to lend a helping hand if not dinner will be extremely late.
Cooked braised chicken with tou foo pok (bean curb) and fried bittergourd with eggs slotted in between the white and brown rice. Can't do any fancy food on working days only speedy simple homecook nutritious food.
I love details and vivid colours as can be seen from my bentos so that is why I like to crochet as well.

My flowery, miniature cactus, edible cucumber little garden.

Close up view of my "little garden" of blooming flowers and mini organic cucumber depicting my interest in plants especially in growing miniature cactus.
Anyone interest in my cactus and cucumber plant do let me know I will try to germinate in a pot for you. Don't worry it's free but off course on success basis ....haha!
As you can see there is an octave of keys on the mini cucumbers and some musical picks on cherry tomatoes which shows my hobby in piano playing as well but sad to say I have not been practising as much like before in my younger days. Really need to cut my nails short.."sigh" and start the keys rolling again!

Pssst.. can you see the sinful dessert on the silicon cup? Yup it's my favorite sweet tooth addiction ie chocolates!! It's chocolate coated almonds with M+Ms on top...yummy. Once in a blue moon ..oklah!

That summarised a short story of my everyday life in a bento box! Here you go Javapot.....


shoppingmum said...

Now only I know you play piano. :) Nice Bento!!!

javapot said...

hiya, love the sexy leg and shoes!!! Lots of lovely colours and bits about you!

Sue Sue said...

Wow, nice bento. Everything is so in details. Bravo!

Susan Yuen said...

Great bento, love all of the details!

Arlene said...

Thank you shoppingmum,javapot,sue sue& susan for the compliments.

tona-mama said...

Wow! What a beautiful art piece! :)

Jacss said...

hey...such a nice figurine of yrself, u really have lots of tiny details there, salute!!
wish u luck!!

Arlene said...

Tona-mama..thks, Jacss, thks and wish you luck too.

Emily said...

What a lovely intro and bento! Wahhh, the standard just went up a dozen notches!

Arlene said...

Emily, thank you ..waiting for your "me"!

Peter & Joyce said...

I love the piano keyboard! I bet it tastes yummy! All the best to you too!

3lilangels said...

Good thing I didn't see this earlier. Or I would not have entered the Challenge too. *_*

Love how you described yourself, and love all the details. I'm always a fan for colourful bentos.

Hey, you play piano too. Do pick it up. I had to sacrifice my nails too.

Ellena said...

Wow.. it's indeed very nicely done with all the details...... I love your "self cutout" with those multi-tasking job.... :)