Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Little Bunny + Tiny Bear bento no 31

Chicken ham bunny+bear on a slice of bread with sloted flower mangos and mini cucumbers. Details with crab stick and nori plus cheesy flowers, coral lettuce at the bottom.


shoppingmum said...

That flower cheese cutter very nice leh!
Glad to see you are back in bento-ing. :)

javapot said...

cute, i like the girl holding the fork and spoon!!

javapot said...

hey congrats by the way - senyap senyap saja!! Lolz

Arlene said...

Shoppingmum, am back "dusting my plastic tools" LOL!


3lilangels said...

Hey, welcome back. Your bento has such cute details all over, that I can't decide what I like best.

Hope you have replanted the mini cucumber plant. It's too cute and the perfect size for bento.