Friday, August 28, 2009

Health Forum

Everyone in the office seems to be falling ill nowadays with very weak and low immune system of late.To stay healthy and build up our immune system is the best way to counter any virus infections. With so many cases of A(H1N1) is better to take precaution and join a health forum to learn more about the latest health issues happenings around the world.
Eating a balance diet is a must nowadays as the food we eat causes a lot of side effects without us knowing. Most are loaded with pesticides or antibiotics and are harmful to our health when consume in large quantities. Nowever I stumble upon this forum which has a lot of nutrition information provided from vitamins to organic food. Sometimes I feel is best to pack a bento lunch to work rather than eating out as I find the food outside is too S.O.S ( salty, oily, sweet).
To prepare what to cook at home, do check out these easy recipes from the forum which has lots of ideas on preparation ranging from fruit juices to anti cancer soup!
It's better be fit rather than stocking up on tamiflu or be wearing what N95 mask which doesn't really filter the virus as most N95 respirators are design to filter 95% particulates of 0.3micron while the size of the virus is about 0.1micron!
Some simple preventive tips will be frequent hand washing, resist temptation to touch any part of face, gargling with warm salt water to prevent proliferation, eat more vitamin C and drink warm liquid.
Happy breathing + bento-ing!!

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