Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Haven't been updating my bento blog lately as most of my meals have been made speedily without any decorations! These past few days of Hari Raya holiday ate a lot of unhealthy food from eating out frequently and less homecook meals. Hopefully I didn't put on some weight, must go on the treadmill and bike everyday to burn off...sigh!!
Just discovered an interesting natural health blog with lots of information on various health issues ranging from alternative therapies, exercise, men's/women's health, to nutrition updated daily. Most of the articles are very useful in our daily life usage and knowledge as well.
I should be adopting a more healthy lifestyle to boost up my immune system rather than taking vitamin C too often and substitute that with more fruits and vegetables.
Wishing a Happy Hari Raya and holiday to all muslim friends!

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javapot said...

hiya, an award awaits for u here http://mycuppatales.blogspot.com/2009/10/lovely-blog-award.html